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Spray foam insulation (SFI) is becoming more prevalent as a choice of insulation in use in residential and commercial properties. Before, foam insulation started in the 1940s, finding its uses in the military in things such as aircrafts until technology developed to be effectively used in homes and business.

Spray foam insulation by Toronto & Vaughan contractors is installed with a mobile spray foam rig by a professional certified sprayer who is usually accompanied by a helper. To put it in a nutshell, these spray foam rigs usually contain a generator, air compressor, drums (containing iso and resin in separate drums), pumps, a proportioner (the machine that heats and pressurizes the liquids), and a long heated hose with a spray foam gun at the end of it. In general, the proportioner sends the two liquid chemicals through the heated hose where finally both ingredients mix right at the end of the gun to create spray foam insulation on a wall or ceiling.

Is spray foam insulation safe? The off gassing and spray foam dust make it hazardous during installation. Because of that, professional installers must wear full face respirators masks with an outside fresh air supply. It comes as no surprise why occupants of a home or building must stay away until SFI completely cures after 24 hours of installation. Fortunately, after the cool off period, spray foam insulation is very safe.

Therefore, spray foam insulation is truly a phenomenal product and is one of the best insulation products in the market today. Moreover, It’s high R-value per inch, sealing and airtightness make it the better option when compared to other insulation products. As a matter of fact, half of the energy in a home is used for heating and cooling, and any less superior insulation product and air leakage means higher energy bills for homeowners and contractors. In brief, spray foam insulation is a great product and has these benefits:

  • Increase resale value of your home
  • Lower and save up to 30 to 50 percent on energy bills (extra cost of spray foam will pay for itself in a couple of years)
  • Maintain conditioned temperature better making for more cozy living
  • Pests do not chew on or eat spray foam as opposed to other products

Benefits of Foam Insulation Services in Toronto & Vaughan

There are many benefits of foam insulation, especially in comparison to something such as wool insulation. While traditional insulations offer great protection, they often cannot completely cover the required space, due to their rigid nature. For example, if you are installing wool insulation in a wall, it can be challenging to cover every nook and cranny of the wall, as some pockets are too misshaped or small. This is where spray foam insulation really shines. Due to the fact that it is a spray that comes out in a stream, yet expands exponentially beyond its original size when applied, spray foam insulation can cover very hard to reach places. This provides your home or business with greater coverage, and in turn makes for a potentially more effective solution.

Spray foam also offers all the benefits of traditional insulation, including greater thermal efficiency, savings on energy bills, reduction in carbon footprint, and a level of soundproofing. The added benefit is that it can completely eliminate any air leaks, which other insulation products mostly cannot. A popular way to get the best of both worlds in your property is to combine insulations. Many people install foil insulation in their property, and then complement it with foam insulation in hard to reach places.
The installation process for foam is not invasive and has greater potential for retrofitting in most buildings, which is great for older properties.

Who choose foam Insulation?

Many people choose foam insulation over batt insulation because the foam can be formed into any shape desired. Common disadvantages with batts and foil is that they do not completely seal the property from the external environment. Tape and other filler composites need to be used to create an effective seal. With foam, the chemical compound can be formed to fit perfectly into the area desired.

If you are ready to go to the next level and get your project spray foamed, contact Aqua Insulation for a free no obligation quote.

Spray Foam Insulation

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