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Spray foam insulation in Vaughan, Toronto & the GTA

Spray Foam Insulation for Residential Retrofit in Vaughan Toronto & The GTA

Residential spray foam insulation services are an exceptional method utilized in keeping your residential home warmer in the winter and also cooler in the summer. Apart from it’s energy efficient properties, you can benefit from residential spray foam insulation by reducing sound transmission through your home and also reduce air loss.

This contemporary type of home insulation is formed with the mixture of iso and resin. The liquids are combined only during the spray foam insulation process on walls, in the attic, garage or crawlspaces.

Conventional insulation materials are prone to water damage as well as they are not very successful in filling tight spaces or curved surfaces. Residential spray foam insulation provides outstanding insulation properties with improved comfort, air sealing and noise reducing characteristics. The fact that residential retrofit spray foam insulation can easily be used to insulate the walls in your garage, attic, basement and crawl space makes it a valuable option.

It is important to remember that residential spray foam insulation must be handled by professional installers. The professional spray foam contractors at Aqua Insulation always stay up to date with the most modern technology while utilizing the best tools and materials in the industry. Our experienced professional new construction spray insulation experts are certified experts. We provide spray foam insulation services in Vaughan, Toronto & The GTA.

Things to consider prior to a spray foam residential retrofit

Prior to a spray foam installation, preparation of the home is required in order to have a smooth spray home insulation project.

  • Before Aqua Insulation, Toronto and Vaughan spray foam insulation contractor visits your residential property, you should ensure easy accessibility to the areas that require foam insulation. The surface of installation needs to be clear for and any furniture or objects must be removed.
  • As a health and safety measure, you must ensure to vacate the premises for up to 24 hours upon spray foam insulation installation.
  • Upon completion of the spray foam insulation application, the insulation must be covered, we typically recommend drywall as it is an approved thermal barrier.
Residential retrofit

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