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Investing In A New Home In Toronto? 5 Signs Your Roof Will Need To Spray Foam Insulation

Toronto Roof Spray Foam Insulation

So, you have decided to buy a new house in Toronto. That is great news, but what about the insulation process? Many older Toronto homes were build with dated designs and structures where home insulation systems were not as adequate when compared to modern day insulation options. Our advanced spray foam insulation processes provide numerous benefits. So how would you know that your roof needs spray foam insulation?

1: Water Leaks
One of the reasons fungus-style mold enters your house and takes its place in various places is because of water leaks. It is not just dripping but the reason behind is high humidity. They harm insulation as they leak through it.

2: Ice Dams
Have you noticed the point of snow that is formed on the edge of the roof? That are known as Ice dams. This melting snow and ice don’t easily just go away, especially in the cold weather of Toronto, so this water finds its place inside the house. The reason behind ice dams happening is when you have poor insulation or heat loss problem.

3: Snow Melting
When it is winter and snow is melting on the roof faster than the other houses in the neighborhood, then it is a sign that your insulation system is not working properly. It is very easy to observe and you don’t need an expert eye for it.

4: Gaps in Insulation
It is very important to ensure your home is properly insulated. If there are some gaps, then it is very likely you will experience problems over time. It is recommended to have a detailed inspection of the house during the time of purchase.

5: Increased Utility Bills
In this time of inflation, if you see that your cooling and heating bills are always on the rise, it is not just inflation but a lack of insulation. By installing attic insulation, you will not just save a good amount of money on your utility bills, but also you will see a better home environment.

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