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Spray foam insulation in Vaughan, Toronto & the GTA

Garage Spray Foam Insulation in Toronto & Vaughan

Why is spray foam the best product to use in a garage? Because it has a high R value per inch, and provides the maximum air and moisture seal. Insulating the ceiling of the garage won’t let the cold affect the rooms above it. If the garage will be utilized as a workshop for example, insulating the walls of the garage will help control the ambient temperature. Spray foam insulation in the garage is a one time investment and the right solution for a cold garage or “cold room” above the garage.

Garages in new homes are always spray foamed to avoid rooms above the from getting cold.

R-Value of Foam Insulation

The R-value rating is the universal measure of the effectiveness of a specific insulation material, and is used across the board for all insulation forms, including foil, wool, fibreglass and foam. While different brands of foam insulation will differ in their exact R-value, it is noted that open cell foam insulation is generally rated between R-3.5 – R-3.7. On the other hand, closed cell insulation is significantly boosted in its R-value rating, generally offering a range of R-4.9 – R-7.1.

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Garage Insulation

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