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Fireproofing in Vaughan & Toronto

A Thermal Barrier (DC315 Thermal Barrier Coating) is designed to delay or prevent spray foam from igniting in case of a fire. That is what separates it from occupied spaces. Other acceptable thermal barriers according to the Ontario Building Code include drywall and mineral fiber. When there is no access or aesthetically pleasing way to install a thermal barrier, Intumescent Paint (Thermal Barrier coating is applied).

Fireproofing applications would typically include structural beams, steel decking, siding systems and spray foam.

Builders and companies that choose to fire-protect their building are clearly making a smart investment. And with the right fireproofing product, burning (because of fire) can be minimized, retarded, and even prevented.

Contact Aqua Insulation today for Fireproofing Insulation services. We are a certified Fireproofing insulation company servicing Vaughan, Toronto & The GTA.


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