Best Option For Crawl Space Insulation For Your Toronto Home

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Best Option For Crawl Space Insulation For Your Toronto Home

Crawl Space Insulation Toronto

One of the main reasons for your home comfort is crawl space, yet many homeowners aren’t even aware of that. Crawl space insulation helps provide residents with a comfortable living experience while protecting your homes structure. 

Choosing the best crawl space insulation is a dilemma because people often get confused between blown-in insulation and spray foam insulation. Let us make this easy by pointing out some of the important factors of crawl space insulation.

Purpose of crawl space

It is one of the reasons you will have heat loss in your home. If your home has a poorly constructed or non insulated crawl space, you risk losing up to 20% of your heat. This can result in higher electricity bills.

Available options

When talking about crawl space options, there are blow-in insulation and spray foam insulation. Both have proven to be highly efficient as they both have R-values. 

Advantages of blow-in insulation

Fiber Glass and cellulose are the two types that are covered in blow-in insulation, and among these two, cellulose has proven to be a better option. Cellulose is fire and mold-resistant, thus making it a very fine, environmentally friendly material. The installation process is simple when you are looking to have it installed in an attic. 

Though fiberglass is very effective, it is not quite sturdy because it has a reputation for falling from its place after a few years of installation. This not only accounts for an increase in costs but you can also experience heat loss. 

Advantages of Spray foam insulation

In terms of insulation for crawl spaces, spray foam has proven to be a good choice. It is renowned for its high performance and durability over a lengthy period. Cracks are blocked with spray foam insulation, creating a dry environment. Additionally, you won’t have any air leaks and will have heat retention, which will make your surroundings comfortable. In addition, it is a financially sensible strategy. 

To learn more on the Benefits of using spray foam insulation, contact one of our experienced professionals today to help insulate your homes or commercial property. If you are looking for a reputable spray foam insulation company who stands by its quality of work, efficiency and service, call today for a free no obligational quote.

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